SVG for the Future of High Resolution Displays

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Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) has been around for 15 years now, but the advantages of using SVG images are growing more clear as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are being touted to develop the next generation of progressive web apps. SVG is a scalable image that can be created and edited with any text editor and printed […]

Better Security With Windows 10

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Windows 10 has introduced three levels of security to protect your PC from harmful programs and emerging security threats. These categories include Identity and Access Control, Information Protection and Malware Resistance. Identity and Access Control Organizations frequently use passwords or smartcards which can be lost or compromised. Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport were created to […]

5 Steps In Understanding Web Technology Relationships

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1. What is a domain name server and what does it do? Domain Name Server is like a record book that stores your web address with a series of numbers that tell computers where to find your website. The DNS makes it easy for people to search a website by using words. It points our […]


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