We’re Microsoft Silver Certified

Now that you are beginning to understand how Office 365 can help your business create efficiency and grow revenue, your next question might be: How do I get there from here? UNIFEYED is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and over the last several years, our team has helped numerous organizations, large and small, find the right Office 365 plan, migrate email accounts and adopt and master the unending tolls and technology included in their packages.

At UNIFEYED, we understand that the thought of email migration and the porting over of calendars and contacts is enough to make a business owner a bit anxious. As Silver Certified Partners, our team has the training and experience necessary to meet the needs of your email migration project so that there is risk of extended downtime, lost data or missed messages.

Versatility and Scalability

Office 365 has a range of services to fit the needs of small business simply looking for a secure hosted email solution such as Microsoft Exchange as well as larger organizations searching for tools like SharePoint, OneDrive and Skype in order to optimize workflow and improve communication. With service offerings and packages tailored to the needs of every size and type of business, Office 365 continues to serve as the best software option for business owners and operations managers looking for value in today’s tech world. What’s more is that as your business grows, you have the opportunity to upgrade service offerings as needs and challenges present themselves over time.

Communicate Better

There is nothing more important to a business’s day to day operations than dependable and clear communication. No business can afford to have team members out of sync with one another or messages to clients and vendors going unsent, unread or missing altogether. If it is important to your organization to set a high standard for communication, then it is critical that your people have access to the strongest platform in the industry for doing the job. Trust the team at UNIFEYED to help your organization find the right Office 365 plan to fit your needs and budget and start off on the right foot with managed email migration from a seasoned team of pros dedicated to solving your tech challenges.