Builders and Contractors

A great day in the building and contracting industry is when everything goes according to plan. Materials get to where they need to be. Customers pay on time. Jobs finish when and how they should. All is right with the world. A normal day is any other day. Let’s be honest. Schedules do change. There are delays on materials and equipment. And sometimes information gets lost between team members, leaving certain tasks incomplete or incorrect.

Better Communication = Fewer Headaches

Any software provider who promises that all hassles will suddenly disappear from your world a day after go-live of a new system is feeding you a line of bull. There are still going to be difficult customers, schedule changes, no-show materials and slow pays. The only difference is that with a custom-built, fully integrated web and mobile app, your people will spend a fraction of the time managing those unfortunate moments. Big issues become small issues and small issues become non-issues when data moves seamlessly between members of your organization. Work orders don’t get lost or splashed with mud or coffee. Receipts don’t spend weeks in a foreman’s wallet. Meetings aren’t dominated by the same frustrating conversations. And, everyone in charge of the health of the business has all of the data, metrics and reporting at their fingertips making purchasing and hiring decisions far less weighty. Yes, this is what it looks like. The efficiencies gained through better communication open a host of opportunities company-wide for personnel to focus on growth rather than cleaning up messes.


Your Reports How You Want Them

If your current system’s reports were helpful, intuitive or even complete, you would not be reading this right now. So, if you could generate reports for your business, what would be included? Graphs? Tables? Charts? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually? Would you want to push a button to get the same structured snapshot whenever you want, or would you prefer to change variables and timelines to examine the data differently at your choosing? Great, you can have all of that. Our job is to design a platform that your team will not just adopt, but embrace. A program that gets used to the fullest. One in which all data is accounted for. And, once we have the data, we can examine it however best fits the goals of the business. And, if you want a consolidated large screen snapshot of statuses, orders, tickets, sales and more,  Seyenage integrates with our solutions to seamlessly provide a large format snapshot of real-time business data 24/7.

How Will You Maintain Growth?

A lot of our clients have gotten to where they are now through tremendous hard work, a lot of dedication and sometimes a little luck—sometimes over generations. But, these days, companies that are working hard are being out performed by companies that are working smart. Profitability isn’t about walking uphill both ways in the snow. And, though we will all continue to honor and respect the generations of leaders who built today’s successful businesses, it is necessary for today’s leaders to evaluate all facets of operations so that businesses can continue to thrive for generations to come.


In any competitive industry, every minute counts. Time adds up. When it comes to your business, for every extra minute your team members spend correcting a mistake or looking for missing data is a minute they could be spending serving a client, completing a job and otherwise growing the business. And if time is money, how much of it is your business wasting by continuing to use an outdated data management system, CMS or reporting platform?