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For several years now, Microsoft Office 365 has been the must-have software for businesses looking for the competitive edge. Your business is only as efficient as your tools allow. With secure hosted email available across all platforms, browsers and devices, Microsoft Exchange offers the members of your organization a very powerful tool anytime anywhere. It starts with hosted email and from there, the options and potential for greater efficiency become limitless. Through Online and Desktop Office Apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint, your organization gains a more effective way to manage licenses while your team members gain  a more versatile set of tools enabling them to get jobs done with ease. Businesses looking for better cooperation and coordination look to solutions such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Skype so as to better organize, update and share docs and information in a way never realized before in small or large businesses.

At UNIFEYED, our team has the expertise to recommend the right Microsoft solutions and  Office 365 plans to suit the needs of your business. Explore how choosing Office 365 and UNIFEYED can benefit your business today.

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Migrating to Office 365

When moving to Office 365 note that the process can be very seamless, in that it is possible to migrate mailboxes from an Exchange server or migrate emails from another email system. Once the emails are moved your users can import their own emails, contacts and other information to their own Office 365 mailbox. UNIFEYED has worked with numerous companies in completing this process and can walk you through this to make sure you get the results you expect.

Harness the Power of Office Apps

Office 365 Apps

"How did we ever live without this?" - You, in the future

Which Office App is going to revolutionize the way your business does business? Word and Excel are ubiquitous in nearly every office in the US at this point so much so that many of us forget how these two programs have set the standard for word processing, document creation, accounting, reporting and much more. With easier licensing options and Office Online access enabling your team to create and edit docs in the cloud, these legends in software technology continue to deliver unmatched value for business owners.