The challenges facing oil and propane companies grow larger and more complex with each passing year. The demand from customers stays the same though. You have to deliver top notch service at a competitive price. And more and more, price is a bigger factor and brand loyalty is tougher to maintain. We get it. The team at Unifeyed specializes in serving small to midsize businesses in the energy sector. GPS. Smart Tech. API Integrations. RFID. Just in the last ten years, so much new technology has been adopted by those in oil and gas businesses. How is a business owner or management team supposed to determine which technologies will best help them to serve their customers? That’s where the Unifeyed team comes in.

Priorities and Efficiencies

The team at Unifeyed is able to take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our clients. First off, just because we have provided a certain custom solution to a client in the past, does not mean that same solution will be a fit for the next client. This is why we focus on custom solutions. Furthermore, it is why we listen to our clients to help determine which priorities have the greatest immediate need. Which dragon needs slaying today? Some businesses simply need some breathing room fast, and a little can go a long way. When it comes to those in the oil and propane industries, we find most clients are interested any solutions solutions which help them serve clients faster and better. What does that look like? More streamlined service order management applications, integrated GPS solutions with creative options for dispatching and better options for the customer experience as it relates to messaging and billables.


Data and Reporting

Sometimes you need an at-a-glance snapshot of how your business is doing, and other times you need to dig deeper. Way deeper. Whatever the case, you need your reports to fit your business—not some software developer’s opinion of what all businesses should see about their businesses. In every web app we build there is a trove of data that can be sorted, resorted and exported to your liking. Furthermore, we can create custom views and exports to match exactly what you need when you need it so that you can get an immediate and precise look at how your business and your people are performing on your schedule.


Out of the Box vs Custom

We hear it all the time. We have a software system that does X, but we wish it also did Y. The Software as a Service (SaaS) solution your business currently uses is not unimpressive. Let’s be clear. It serves hundreds of customers all over the country, right? But, that is what makes it a one size fits all solution. Few of these solutions are very customizable. And, many of them have high monthly fees for a program that, at the end of the day, your business does not own. It’s time to get in charge of your data and how it is used. How often has your team recognized inefficiency in a software program only to be told by the provider, “Sorry, that’s just how it works.”? Software updates seem to happen at a whim as your team crosses their fingers hoping for no bugs.

At Unifeyed, we build the solution around your business. We take what has always worked about your manner of serving customers and we amplify it. We identify inefficient processes and work with you to streamline them through technology. No business can expect to grow in today’s competitive arena if customer data lives in messy files, or worse yet, in the heads of overextended employees. Our experience delivering custom web apps for Customer Management, Payroll and Dispatching have helped clients better manage annual service and maintenance packages, Pre-Buy pricing promotions, seasonal delivery schedule all while keeping customer data and financials safe and secure.

What’s on the Wish List?

If you cannot think of a single way that your business could be more efficient, more secure or in any way provide a better service experience to your customers, then you should not have even read this far. But, if you see how technology can provide a route from efficiency to profit, then it is time to start the discussion with Unifeyed today.


In any competitive industry, every minute counts. Time adds up. When it comes to your business, for every extra minute your team members spend correcting a mistake or looking for missing data is a minute they could be spending serving a client, completing a job and otherwise growing the business. And if time is money, how much of it is your business wasting by continuing to use an outdated data management system, CMS or reporting platform?