Unifeyed is a Proofpoint Silver Partner.

Proofpoint provides a host of security for their customers including Advanced Threat Solutions, Information Protection, Social Media Protection, Email Protection, Information Archives & Compliance and Nexus Security Platforms.

We protect your critical information and equip you with the right intelligence and tools to respond quickly when things go wrong. That’s why successful companies choose Proofpoint. Customers rely on Proofpoint to protect and govern their most sensitive business data. They choose us not only for our leading technology, but for our proven commitment to making them successful.

Here is what you get:

  • Accurate email classification
  • Content control for social-media accounts
  • Robust filter rules engine
  • Per-user controls and quarantine access
  • Enhanced security with spam and phishing detection
  • Dynamic analysis of URLs and attachments
  • Social media account protection
  • Policy-enforced encryption and data loss prevention
  • 24×7 Emergency Inbox to provide users email access when the normal mail environment is unavailable
  • Instant Replay sends (or resends) messages to your messaging server for 30 days
  • Email spooling and failover

Unifeyed has experience in creating a safe and secure business environments and our partnership with Proofpoint has given us a solid solution to rely on.

Contact us today about adding Proofpoint solutions to your business.