We Build World-Class Business Apps & Websites

At UNIFEYED, we offer our clients expertise and know-how when developing websites and mobile apps. We adhere to a tested strategy and planning methodology which allows for a proven road map for success.

To begin our process we meet with the client and start an in-depth dialogue. A written document is created describing the full working parts of an app and all its technical functions. We bring in our expert UX designers to create a world-class branding and digital experience. Next we bring in our highly skilled team of developers to choose the best technology-to-architecture match ensuring a top-quality final product. Onward and upward to testing, finalization, and launch phase of the project. All the while, our client is kept engaged at each critical stage of the process. The end result is a product that hits every mark of excellence from start to finish.


An opening meeting begins with a review and initial hashing out of workflow concepts. We test project ideas for success, relevance, and uniformity to the brand. Our expert strategists work with the client to challenge assumptions and overhaul business plans. A written description of how the app is going to work is produced. This is what our designers use to come up with designs and our developers use as a guideline for coding. It is the foundation for all the steps to come.

When it comes to websites, our team listens to your thoughts on your existing site as well as competing industry sites. We make recommendations based on the latest that technology has to offer and merge that with the needs of your business and your client. Starting with a solid site map puts us in a position to deliver a spot on project from start to finish.


In most cases, we build visual mock-ups of apps using relative design and user experience (UX) practices, working out all the visual details from top to bottom. We put our best effort into a beautiful and engaging design that will surely stand out in the marketplace. A series of client meetings take place to review the design and workflow concepts, allowing for a series of content revisions and updates until all the details are completed.

For websites, depending on the project, we may do a few mock ups so that the client can get an idea for how their business information and sub pages might present over several concepts. In other cases, if we have enough to go on up front, only one mock up is necessary.


Considering architecture, we pick best technology for your product development. Our specialists develop builds on a regular basis, allowing our client to regularly review the progress of the project.


Quality assurance analysis filter out any surprises at the end of the project. We run a battery of tests to make sure each key element is working together as initially planned.


At this stage we go through the many processes of setting up an app for a quick and seamless integration to Android and Apple’s acceptance process. We make any added changes from our finial meeting with the client before the launch of the product. Forward thinking allows us to assess the marketing goals and opportunities for our client’s app. Our experts will help with any of these goals, from press coverage to intro videos, we’ve got you covered.


Launching your app is an arduous task, and getting your app into Android and Apple’s store is only the beginning of our efforts. This is where our expert development team wraps it all up. You Go Live!

For websites, we agree upon a day that works for the client and make sure that everything is ready to go before the site is launched and tested properly just after go-live as well to ensure a quality transition.