We offer our clients expertise and know-how when developing websites and mobile apps

We Build World-Class Business Apps & Websites

At UNIFEYED, we offer our clients expertise and know-how when developing websites and mobile apps. We adhere to a tested strategy and planning methodology which allows for a proven road map for success.

To begin our process we meet with the client and start an in-depth dialogue. A written document is created describing the full working parts of an app and all its technical functions. We bring in our expert UX designers to create a world-class branding and digital experience. Next we bring in our highly skilled team of developers to choose the best technology-to-architecture match ensuring a top-quality final product. Onward and upward to testing, finalization, and launch phase of the project. All the while, our client is kept engaged at each critical stage of the process. The end result is a product that hits every mark of excellence from start to finish.

Proper planning is critical to the success of any project. The Unifeyed team will work with you to ensure that there is clear project focus from the start with realistic objectives and defined scope. During this phase, we work together to create a Site Map that will guide the design and development of your application.

Our User Interface designers are experts in creating intuitive user experiences tailored to the needs of your team and your business. This is where we begin to see efficiencies taking hold. Your workflows are reimagined using the latest UX application methods. Best of all, your team will have a say in how we execute each page  of your custom application.

Once your custom design is approved by your team, our developers are able to match backend programming, database structure and APIs with frontend User Interface implementation. During development we are creating hierarchies, streamlining workflows and integrating with 3rd party software such as Quickbooks or Cargas. 

We will not ask your team to test any piece of programming that has not been tested by our team dozens upon dozens of times. The testing phase is necessary to determine that applications match not only scope and design but also conventional UI and UX logic. It is during this time when we get to begin planning Launch!

It’s time to Go Live! Hooray! When we launch your new app, you will be provided with documentation that you can share with your team. We know that any change in workflow can bring a number of questions from your team and your customers.  This is why we are here to support you every step of the way.