5 Steps In Understanding Web Technology Relationships

1. What is a domain name server and what does it do?

Domain Name Server is like a record book that stores your web address with a series of numbers that tell computers where to find your website. The DNS makes it easy for people to search a website by using words. It points our search results to a number called an IP Address (that computers can easily understand) and displays your web address in words (that people can understand).

2. What is a domain registrar?

A Domain Registrar is like a library that stores and updates the DNS data. If you needed to change where your website was hosted the Domain Registrar would make changes to its records so everyone could find the new location. It all happens quite quickly, really.

3. What is hosting and why do we need it?

Your web pages, photos and data are all stored (or Hosted) on a computer server which stays on night and day. The hosting company gives you access to your web pages so you or your web designer can make changes to your web site at any time. It also is responsible for maintenance and updates.

4. How does your email get to you?

Similar to your web hosting, your email is also stored (or Hosted) by an email hosting company. Your email number (MX Record) is stored in the DNS and mail is sent to your computer when you refresh your inbox. Sending emails also works in a slightly similar way. If you change your email hosting company, you also need to change your DNS MX records.

5. Who creates my website?

As you know by the previous posts your web site is an online document that is hosted on a server and can be updated at any time. There are many different web development techniques, each suited for different results. Your web development company should be equipped to give you the best solution for creating your website based on your needs.

Wow, so that’s what’s going on behind the scenes!

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