Website Security Package

Approximatley 60% of internet traffic are bots, which are explicitly created to release malware which can attack software, log and steal passwords, compromise systems and deploy ransomware.

Why choose a Security Package with UNIFEYED?

Security threats to websites and web applications are growing by size and frequency daily. In addition to the loss of revenue, inconvenience and in some cases, embarrassment that comes with having a site hacked, there can be more to fixing the problem than simply restoring a backup. Often the hacking of a site is the tip of the iceberg for many businesses. It can be a result of or lead to the compromising of other systems such as company and client files and financial programs to email programs and software that keeps a business moving.

Prevention versus Repair

Our goal at Unifeyed is to provide our clients with proactive and preventative security and maintenance packages that greatly lessen the threat of instances of hacking. Like many other things, when it comes to websites, it generally costs less to prevent several problems than to fix just one. Though a maintenance package does not guarantee that there will never be a security issue, by keeping your website updated and changing passwords on a regular basis, the likelihood that a site will require additional work is greatly reduced.

Your Security Monitoring Package includes:

  • Monthly updates to WP platform, security features via alert system interface
  • Daily site backups with offsite storage in addition to regular server backups
  • Four (4) monthly backups allowing for the previous five (5) days and one (1) backup per month for the last 4 months.
  • WP platform updates, monitoring plugins and plugin updates and interface
  • Additional Security features such as security scanning, malware detection and notification interface
  • Prescheduled password changes for admin level users

Tailor Helpful Security Features to Suit your Preference:

  • Local Brute Force Attack Protection protects your site against attacks from those who have made an attempt to compromise your site.
  • Network Brute Force Attack Protection protects your site protects your site against attacks from those who have made an attempt to compromise the sites of others within a broader network of opt-in member sites.
  • File Change Detection alerts you when files are added to or removed from your website.
  • 404 Detection locks out the IP addresses of bots looking for vulnerabilities within your website.
  • Strong Password Enforcement gives you the power to ensures users of all access levels are logging in with secure passwords.
  • Bad User Lockout temporarily suspends access from those users who have had too many recent failed login attempts.
  • Google reCAPTCHA Integration adds an extra layer of protection to your site with two-factor authentication for users logging into the site.

Ask a member of our team about securing your site today!