System Maintenance

Unifeyed Monthly System Maintenance Image with Ben Franklin

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

Noted historical genius Ben Franklin was right about all kinds of stuff in his day. Oddly enough, he was right about all kinds of stuff in our day too! At UNIFEYED, we are staunch believers that the best way to get rid of a computer virus is to protect against it ever gaining access to your system.

This is why we offer comprehensive System Maintenance for all of our clients.

Your business’ computers and servers are the nervous system of your company. Operating system and antivirus updates are released all throughout the year to ensure that your system runs at peak performance. Failing to keep current with these system updates can cause slowdowns in performance and, in many cases, put your machines at risk for viruses and malware.

What’s worse is that there are loads of viruses and malware programs out there that are created to look like software updates. in many cases employees and business owners click on links that are made to look like these updates when, in fact, these nefarious programs are only putting systems further at risk.

Protect your client information, financial records and the systems and machines that keep them by letting UNIFEYED do the work via remote monitoring.

$50/mo. Per Server $25/mo. Per Computer

What You Get Our Monthly System Maintenance service includes the following:

Software Updates

We will update your operating system and antivirus software with necessary updates to ensure that your computers and servers are running the recommended versions of appropriate software packages.

Virus Scan

Though antivirus software may be installed on your computer, scans may be going ignored for long periods of time. We will run virus scans on all machines making sure that viruses are neutralized immediately.

Malware Scan & Removal

Malware can take a number of forms, but its goal is to gain access to private information. Each month, UNIFEYED will perform malware scans and removal on all computers and servers in your network.

Check Network Settings

Time and money are walking out the door when your system is not performing as it should. Sometimes it is as simple as fixing an improperly changed setting. Our team will check your system’s network settings on a monthly basis to ensure things run smoothly for you and your employees.