As your industry has changed over the last generation, so too have the methods used to train. Gone are the days when we would all cram into the largest room in the office with a flip chart and some colored markers in order to train our folks. Nowadays, training can be executed anywhere, through websites as well as mobile applications.

Clients from all over the country and various industries are relying on Unifeyed to develop online training programs, modules and certification courses for employee enrollment, procedures, safety and liability and much more. Our clients are not only using these invaluable training tools internally, but also publishing consumer-aimed training applications on app stores for iOS, Android and Windows users. Whether you are looking to streamline your organization’s internal training methods or better monetize a proven classroom experience for the masses, our team can deliver your vision to your audience.

Compliancy and Specifications

Effective e-learning solutions are designed for all users of all abilities. Furthermore, data should be structured in a way that it can be integrated across multiple platforms. At Unifeyed, we have developed e-learning solutions to meet various standards including SCORM and others defined by organizations such as The Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative.


Reporting Notifications

When it comes to training, the trainees are not the only ones who get test anxiety. Often the material being reviewed in training courses is pretty serious stuff. The ability for your team to absorb what they are being taught may not amount to mere profits, but in some cases life and death. This is why we take seriously the reports generated by the e-learning platforms we develop. If your organization needs reporting that goes well beyond pass/fail rates, we can provide your data the way you need it with metrics that go further.

Certifications and Accreditations

Do your trainees receive a certificate or other proof of certification or accreditation upon completion of your training? If so, we can generate certificates and documentation for those who require it, complete with dates, signatures, logos and more. If you are looking to further automate your organization’s certification or accreditation workflow, talk to the team at Unifeyed to determine how an e-learning platform would work best for your team and your customers.

Why Wait?

It costs nothing to have a conversation. If you’ve considered adding some efficiency to your e-learning methods or classroom experience, let’s start a dialogue today!