“Our experience has by far exceeded any expectations we had going into the partnership.”
Zach Hoffmann

Bistro on Bridge came to UNIFEYED before they opened their doors to the public. All they had was a logo, but nothing to carry their brand. They were the newest restaurant on the block in a town gaining massive popularity (and continues to do so). No worries because UNIFEYED swooped in and saved the day! With just a few short weeks before their grand opening, UNIFEYED provided Bistro on Bridge with fully designed food menus, business cards and assured them a website would soon follow.

Since their debut, Bistro on Bridge has become a local hot spot for Craft Beer enthusiasts with plenty of surrounding competition around the area. They would need a website that not only stood out from the rest, but made a lasting impression. Like their dining room and bar area, web design has gone through drastic changes over the years. We, at UNIFEYED , needed to showcase that even after five years, Bistro on Bridge was still the hottest spot on the block and needed to be so on the web.